Cigna Medical Plan – To get the most out of your UMS Cigna medical plan benefits, visit the UMS benefits website.  To learn more about the tools and resources provided by Cigna, visit

Cigna Preferred $5 Generic  Drug List (updated Jan. 2014).

Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy - This convenient, mail-order program saves a trip to the pharmacy.  It’s a perfect solution for those who take regular, ongoing medication.  Get the facts, then let Cigna do the work for you.

Cigna Urgent Care ProvidersMaine (updated Jan. 2014) When you have a medical condition that requires care but is not life threatening, you can save time and money by receiving care from your doctor, who knows you best.  If an appointment is not available or convenient, consider an urgent care clinic– which is like an emergency room.  Doctors and nurses in an urgent care clinic treat many health issues such as fevers, earaches, sore throats,broken bones, cuts and other conditions that need immediate care.  Often they have extended hours like evenings and weekend.  Here is a current listing of Cigna Urgent Care Centers in Maine, effective Jan. 2014.

Cigna Cancer Support Program for Patients and their Families –  Cigna offers support and guidance every step of the way … Cigna Cancer Support Program

Cigna Mobile App – For those with mobile phones, the new Cigna Mobile App allows you to find a doctor, check on a claim status an much more — right from your mobile phone!

Cigna Lifestyle Management Programs – Free help with weight, smoking and stress management — online or over the phone. Cigna Lifestyle Management Programs

Cigna Employee Assistance Program - Click here to see the full range of services offered by the Cigna Employee Assistance Program.

Cigna National EAP Seminars –  These one-hour seminars cover a variety of helpful topics to help you improve the quality of your life.  From teamwork strategies, reigniting the spark in personal relationships, the power of humor, understanding bullying — to taking charge of your health care — these seminars can help. Both live and telephonic seminars are available.

Cigna Smoking Cessation Products -  Cigna provides coverage  prescription and over-the-counter products to help you stop smoking. Cigna Smoking Cessation Product Coverage

Cigna Wellness Discounts and Promotions – How to Find

1)  Log in to

2) Hover your cursor over Review My Coverage and click on Discount Programs

3) Choose from 6 different categories:

  1. Weight & Nutrition
  2. Fitness & Mind/Body
  3. Vision, Hearing & Dental
  4. Tobacco Cessation
  5. Alternative Medicine
  6. Wellness & Healthy Products

You can also call 1-800-870-3470 for more information.