Maine’s Best Doctors and Hospitals

Patients have a critical stake in the outcomes of care that they receive.

Despite known, proven, freely available information on how to provide many healthcare services, safely and effectively, many doctors and hospitals have not made the commitment to employ systems that significantly increase the chance that every patient gets the kind of care experts recommend.

This results in dangerous gaps between the healthcare people should get and what they actually do get—especially in the treatment of chronic conditions that affect millions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

Since providing access to the best quality healthcare providers is in the best interest to members of the University of Maine System community, the Employee Health Plan Task Force is encouraging the use those doctors and hospitals who have proven that they provide care more effectively than the average healthcare provider.

Is Your Doctor and/or Hospital rated GOOD, BETTER, or BEST? Wouldn’t you like to know BEFORE you need care? Visit to find ratings for your provider.


Choose a Cigna Primary Care Provider (PCP)– Choosing a “quality” PCP will ensure less out-of-pocket expenses and better outcomes.  Visit for doctor ratings. Your doctor’s practice must have a minimum of 2 ratings of Good, Better or Best to be considered UMS Preferred.

To find a PCP in Cigna’s network call 1-800-244-6224 or:

See if your Hospital is Preferred – Choosing a “quality” hospital will ensure less out-of-pocket expenses and better outcomes.  When planning a hospital in-patient stay, consider using a UMS Preferred Hospital. Overnight in-patient stays at UMS Non-Preferred Hospitals require a $100 co-pay.

To learn more about Health Care Quality in the US, check out 10 Things You Need to Know About the Quality of Health Care in America: