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Thanks RiseUP! … A colleague wrote:

June – 2013  “I had been blessed with a low heart rate — or so I thought.  During my last physical, the nurse commented that I had the pulse rate of a marathon runner.  When I admitted to being lazy when it comes to exercise, she must have alerted the doctor because the next thing I knew, I was being wired up for an EKG.  The following week, I had an appointment with a cardiologist; and then the tests began.  I was scared to death and wanted to talk to someone who could answer my questions and calm my nerves.  I remembered that RiseUP has Health Coaches so I made a call and had a long, reasurring chat with a wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate human being.    My coach provided me with the information and support that I needed.  She called after my echocardiogram and stress test and has me convinced that my doctor’s orders to exercise regularly would be something I could fit into my busy schedule.”

July – 2013  “Last week I read an article you posted about a colleague with a low pulse rate.  Mine has been low for several months, so I decided to be my own health advocate and ask for an EKG. My doc had an opening so I went in the next day.   To cut to the chase … it turns out that the top half of my heart isn’t communicating properly with the bottom half.  I will have a pacemaker implanted next week. Had I not read your article, I most likely would have put it off with potentially devastating consequences.  I am 44 years old and I believe I am dodging a bullet.”

Dean Dana Humphrey’s Success Story

Modified: September 12th, 2014     Created: December 18th, 2012

Dana Humphrey, Dean, College of Engineering UM, shares his success story and secrets on how he has found time to stay fit.

Wayne Maines “No Excuses”

Modified: September 12th, 2014     Created: December 18th, 2012


No Excuses, Part Two

Track His Progress … UM’s Wayne Maines shares his progress on his journey to lose weight and get in shape … ten hard fought pounds and counting.