What are Good Financial Habits?

The simple fact is that it costs less to care for healthier people. It literally pays to focus on wellness, and saves money for both you and UMS. So addressing the causes of illness – many of which are lifestyle-related – is a good financial decision, as well as a smart way to care for yourself and your family. Good financial habits include:

  • Choosing providers and care based on proven quality.
  • Knowing the true cost of services and considering cost when making health care decisions.
  • Making the most of your health through diet, exercise or managing a condition. It simply costs less to be well.
  • Seeing your physician and buying prescribed medication. It’s well worth the money, especially if you can treat something early.
  • Using in-network (not out-of-network) physicians and other providers.

Personal Financial Health

Your personal financial well-being may impact your affect your physical health. Take steps to improve your finances to lower your stress level and become physically healthier.

FREE EAP Financial Advice

TIAA-CREF videos on investing, paying off student loans, life insurance, and financials for women.