Why Care About Wellness?

UMS – not Cigna — paid millions in health care claims.

Did you know?  As a self-insured employer, the role of our insurance company, now Cigna, is to review and administer payment of our claims. Period. With projected claims increases on the horizon, no organization can withstand this level of impact without having to make major, unpopular shifts to its overall budget , with less money available for salaries and programs. UMS is no exception. The money has to come from somewhere. Caring about wellness  is one important way to lower our health claims and put money back into our pockets.

To bend this trend, UMS formed the Employee Health Task Force – a diverse group of your colleagues – that is reaching out for your support. The Reasons2 RiseUP program is built on the the cornerstones of learning your current biometric measures – Total cholesterol, HDL and LDL, Triglycerides, Glucose, Blood pressure, Height and Waist Measurement, and then completing a confidential health assessment that will potentially help you understand your health risks. Armed with this feedback, you may find you have questions for your doctor, or wish to participate in free health coaching programs. Healthier employees are more productive and have lower health claims that could potentially result in lower health care premiums.

If each health plan member takes responsibility, the GROUP can impact costs. The more active you are in lowering your risk for developing serious, chronic and expensive conditions, the better our chances are, as a group, for bending the rising trend of out-of­‐control health care costs. Let it begin today and let it begin with you.